Weddings through the decades - the 80’s 90’s and beyond .

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Smoke machines, The Commodores, Bentley s and Rolls Royce. The time before the internet when choices about dresses, catering and the band where made on foot. The cries of the flower girl and page boy echoed in the tall ceiling-ed grand ballroom, where the scissors cut the ribbon of the heart shaped arch when the couple entered the room. Sweet icing dribbling off peoples mouths , a solid microphone and funny MC. "Telegram everyone"- proceedings paused while the telegrams from uncles and aunts abroad where read out slowly and with effect.

The crinkle of the taffeta, and the fuchsia of bridesmaids dresses merged together to form a tight circle around the bride. There were nervous giggles shared amongst friends with long standing connections- university, school, childhood. As the band played the crowd danced and laughed and shared stories of the young things who were married today. Their laughter trailing off into the night like a black and white movie.

Earlier as vows were exchanged, the rustle of excitement could be heard amongst the crowd. The grooms big black bow tie an emblem of the future life fancied by him when he winks at his devoted bride waiting for him with anticipation and desire.

When the party ends they scurry off together after a long farewell, There were no unwanted interruptions such as a mobile phone ringing or people looking down at their lives online. Instead everything happened in the moment shared by all uniformly. Love stays put like a butterfly on a flower quivering its wings in total surrender.

Maria Sarmas Papoulias

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