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Whether you are looking for a simple Wedding or a Wedding with Rituals, Readings and other trimmings, we can discuss your needs and preferences. A simple Legal paperwork and Monitum only Wedding starts at 

$550.00 and the price increases according to the length and complexity of the event .Greek language Wedding, translation and transcription included is $1,250. All quotes include meetings with the couple, planning the rehearsal, and the delivery on the day, including music, and I also bring my System and speaker. Destination Weddings are P.O.A.

I’m happy to chat regarding your budget and how you wish to proceed . 


Baby Naming Ceremony, Renewal of Vows, Commitment Ceremony

  • A special Naming Day Ceremony for baby. An alternative to a religious ceremony . Poems, readings, and a lovely ritual to celebrate the naming of your baby . 

  • Renewal of Vows for a special anniversary. This is a popular ceremony to commemorate an important anniversary, or just to re-visit your vows or create new ones - a celebration of your life together . 

  • Commitment Ceremony- when you want

     to say some special words to your loved one. Perhaps you’re not looking for the legality of marriage but want to solemnize your relationship nonetheless. 

    Please contact me to discuss your requirements and for a quote. 

    The cost is all inclusive of planning , arranging the music, the writing of the ceremony and the presentation. 

Want to learn more about the services I provide? Please contact me.

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Weddings: Renewal of Vows: Commitment Ceremony: Baby Naming: Services
Weddings: Renewal of Vows: Commitment Ceremony: Baby Naming: Quote
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"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination".


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